Reduce Single Used items, Start using Reusable Product

We’ve all been there; Purchasing a bottle of water on a scorching hot day or a cup of coffee to-go in the morning. What we assumed are harmless decisions using single-use items have unknowingly contributed to a huge environmental problem.

These plastic bottles and coffee cups that we throw after using end up in landfills.

It will then take up to 1000 years for each single-use bottle & cups to decompose whilst producing harmful chemicals that are released into the atmosphere that we live & breathe in.

Plastics that are discarded carelessly are washed away by the rain into rivers and streams which will end up in the ocean.

Over time, plastics are broken into smaller bits by the weather and eventually become what are known as microplastics.

These microplastics are then absorbed or mistakenly consumed by marine animals as food.

Here’s how you can help to reduce microplastic pollution

Ditch the plastic bottles, switch all your plastic bottles to reusable BPA free stainless steel bottles that will help the environment and your health.

Raise Awareness, share this with your family, friends and colleagues, give them the choice to ditch the plastic!

"Educate them about the cons of single use plastics to the environment as well as to the human body"

Purchase your reusable bottle and join the #MontiGoGreen community.

Tag us in your zero waste journey today