Effective date: 1st November 2022

Montigo offers 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for Montigo products purchased only through Montigo’s official stores:

Montigo products purchased through unauthorised channels are not eligible for warranty coverage. 

Warranty period starts from the date you receive your Montigo products, tracked with receipt of delivery shown on your order.

For defective products/parts, we are able to provide a replacement depending on the defect within 48 hours from the date you have received your parcel. All defects will have to be clearly illustrated according to our requirements to ensure we are able to identify and replace them accordingly. The defective product/parts that can be replaced within the 48 hours window are as follow:

  • Cracks, major scratches or dents
  • Unwashable stains
  • Defective temperature retention (sweating / failure to hold hot temperatures within specification)
  • Leakages

Items must have its original packaging with tags


What we DO cover:

  • Leaking cap
  • Rust in internal structure of product
  • Surface sweating due to temperature retention failure

What we DO NOT cover:

  • Wear and tears, dents from use and/or ageing of materials
  • Minor differences of the product from images posted on store and/or social media due to differences in screen/colour resolutions of different devices
  • Improper use of product, contact with animal or high impact accidents
  • Exposure to corrosive liquids/chemicals
  • Failure to follow aftercare instructions
  • Abuse, negligence, accident, fire or chemical damage and/or other causes beyond our control.


Please note the following instructions to ensure the proper care of your Montigo products.


  • Soak the entire bottle/cup in hot water
  • Put the bottle/cup into the freezer
  • Put the bottle/cup on the stove
  • Put the bottle/cup in the microwave
  • Put the bottle/cup/cap into the dishwasher
  • Use bleach or chlorine to clean the product


You may submit your warranty claims through our "Contact Us" form or our email at hello@shopmontigo.com

Warranty claim must include a clear picture or video to illustrate the defect. If no pictures nor videos can be provided, Montigo reserves the right to reject the warranty claim for failure to provide visual evidence if we believe that the warranty claim is deemed to be fraudulent or made in bad faith.

Replacements will be covered until the end of the warranty period or 30 days upon receiving your warranty parts, whichever comes later. Montigo reserves the right to modify or discontinue any product without prior notice. In such case, Montigo may offer alternative options or replacements to the extent possible, but is not obligated to provide an exact match or equivalent product as purchased.

We may or may not ask for the defective parts/items back but it will be at our own cost/expense.

Should there be any request for replacement parts out of warranty (expired or not covered under our stipulated manufacturer’s warranty), the customer will be responsible for the replacement including the handling & shipping costs.


Montigo Manufacturer’s Warranty only applies to the original purchase and is not transferable. Any attempt to transfer the warranty or unregistered claims will result in termination of the warranty in its entirety. 


Montigo reserves the right to request or demand for proof of purchase, such as the original receipt or order confirmation, to verify the validity of the warranty claim. Failure to provide satisfactory proof may result in the rejection on the claim.

If you have any questions regarding the transferability of your warranty, please contact us at hello@shopmontigo.com.


We do not cover damages caused by improper use of Montigo products as our manufacturer’s warranty only applies to defect in the product itself.

This includes: 

  • Death or personal injury caused by negligence; or
  • False claims or fraudulent misrepresentaton