Ace Bottle

Our bestselling water bottle that’s available in various sizes, with different caps, and other accessories.


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New Colours
Timberwood #colour_timberwood Icy Frozen #colour_icy frozen
Ace Bottle Medium
Sale priceRM79.90
New Colours
Icy Frozen #colour_icy frozen Timberwood #colour_timberwood
Ace Bottle Mega
Sale priceRM99.90
Limited Edition
Yellow Velvet #colour_yellow velvet Yellow Velvet #colour_yellow velvet
Velvet Ace Bottle Medium
Sale priceRM89.90
Honeydew Milk Tea #colour_honeydew milk tea Blue Milk Tea #colour_blue milk tea
Pastel Ace Bottle Mini
Sale priceRM74.90
Limited Edition
Donald Duck #color_donald duck Donald Duck #color_donald duck
Curious Disney Ace Bottle Medium
Sale priceRM95.90
Limited Edition
Donald Duck - Mini #color_donald duck - mini Donald Duck - Mini #color_donald duck - mini
Curious Disney Ace Bottle Mini
Sale priceRM85.90
Matcha Latte #colour_matcha latte Matcha Latte #colour_matcha latte
Pastel Ace Bottle Mega
Sale priceRM104.90
Matcha Latte #colour_matcha latte Matcha Latte #colour_matcha latte
Pastel Ace Bottle Medium
Sale priceRM84.90
Black #colour_black Black #colour_black
Ace Bottle Massive
Sale priceRM169.90
Ace Bottle Mini Peach #colour_peach
Ace Bottle Mini
Sale priceRM69.90

Modern drinkware for every lifestyle.

Personalise to your tastes

Make your Montigo truly yours by exploring our range of drinkware boots, swappable caps, and special engraving services.

Double-wall insulation

Enjoy your favourite drinks better with excellent temperature-retaining properties for your favourite hot or cold drinks.

Temperature retention

Keeps beverages hot or cold for longer.

Double-wall construction

Heatproof and condensation-free surface.

Easy to clean

Prevent mold buildup with effortless cleaning.